Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is an extreme condition. Patients usually suffering due to this condition requires a physiotherapy. A sprained ankle causes a condition of slight to significant pain depending on seriousness of injury . An ankle sprain often occurs due to sports viz, netball, basketball, soccer etc. It is not mandatory that sports causes sprains. At Sterling clinics we have a number of walk-ins due to sprained ankles. A no patients require ankle pain physiotherapy each year as a result of something as simple as walking on an uneven footpath, twisting in stilettos or missing a step.

There is no such thing as just an ankle sprain, a “simple” rolled ankle leads to injury and causes damage to many different structures. We at Sterling get your ankle assessed and offer treatment from our physiotherapist, this helps diagnose and ensure correct management of the injury. Incorrect diagnose of even minor ankle sprains leads to ineffective healing, prolonged recovery period and leads to an increased likelihood of recurrence.

Common Causes Of Ankle Pain

An ankle sprain is not the only cause of ankle pain , many other conditions can cause ankle pain. Some common causes of ankle pain include Achilles and other tendinopathies, Achilles tendon rupture, osteoarthritis, and fracture. Overstress exerted on the ankle in a day leads to ankle pain commonly. The foot must absorb the impact of landing when walking, running and jumping as well as help propel the entire body weight multiple times Sometimes just walking, makes ankle area a target for overuse injuries, degenerative conditions as well as vulnerable to suffering high force traumatic injuries.

Diagnosis And Management Of Ankle Pain

Accurate diagnosis of ankle pain requires a thorough examination . The condition as well as examination of the foot, ankle ,both resting and dynamic postures are absolutely essential. Assessing the ankle in weight bearing is essential. Almost all the problems that occur and failure to assess the dynamic function of the foot and ankle may result in missing the correct diagnosis. At Sterling the Physiotherapist is trained to assess and manage ankle injuries and causes of ankle pain. It is important to accurately diagnose exactly what is wrong ankle to ensure that short and long-term treatment goals are achieved.