Elbow Pain


The elbow joint is the union of : three long bones of the upper limb connect. There are a multitude of muscles, tendons, ligaments, a joint capsule and nerves attaching to this joint. pain, loss of strength, movement limitation and functional impairment in this area leads to elbow pain .
Sterling physiotherapy clinic deals often with people complaining of elbow conditions. Conditions requiring elbow pain physiotherapy can be the result of overuse such as in the case of tendinopathies like “tennis and golfers elbow”. Sometimes more traumatic causes of elbow pain occurs like fractures to the neck of the radius or ligament and capsular injuries as a result of contact sports. Common areas leading to referring pain into the elbow includes the neck or shoulder. As a result of there being multiple potential causes of elbow pain , the physiotherapist need to be experienced in correct diagnosis of the source of the elbow pain.

Common Sources Of Elbow Pain :

    Tendinopathy including “tennis elbow” and “golfers elbow“

  • Fractures
  • Ligament sprain
  • Nerve entrapment
  • Bursitis
  • Referred pain

Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosing Elbow Pain

    Common signs and symptoms associated with elbow pain are:

  • a weak grip and difficulty trying to grasp objects
  • soreness around the elbow prominences
  • pain making a fist or opening up fingers

Sterling has a considerable experience dealing with elbow pain physiotherapy. Elbow pain responds to physiotherapy intervention when early treatment is sought. In certain elbow conditions considerable time , often takes months to heal incase of wrong diagnosis or the condition is neglected early on and receiving treatment is delayed.
Proper diagnosis is crucial to the correct management of any elbow pain, patients who receive the same, typically respond extremely well to physiotherapy treatment restoring normal levels of pain and function.

Managing Elbow Pain

With elbow pain occurs, sport, exercise or task technique has to be accurate, as poor technique may place too much strain on the elbow causing injuries. Using wrong equipment during sport or work can cause pain and overuse if, for example someone is using the wrong racquet grip size or mouse arrangement, and despite receiving the best treatment if equipment or technique issues are not remedied then pain will continue, recovery will be delayed and pain will quickly return on resumption of activity if it ever settles. Thinking outside the box is important when managing elbow complaints. To promote healing, at Sterling Physiotherapy Centre we treat elbow pain complaints effectively and efficiently.