Exercise Therapy


There a no of prescribed exercise therapy physiotherapy programs for conditions such as back pain, arthritis, tendinopathy and osteoporosis.
Exercise therapy programs are broad and may include exercises to rehabilitate from injury, pain or mobility issues . Exercise therapy may be engaged to maximise physical abilities increasing strength and improving flexibility optimizing muscular functioning, improve physical fitness as well as improve general health and well-being.

The Ideal Exercise Therapy Providers

Physiotherapists prescribe exercise therapy as they are trained in the principles of rehabilitation. They understand how pain works both the physical and psychological elements. We use exercise therapy for injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as this exercise therapy can be used to address faulty movement patterns that may be the result of or cause of an injury. Exercise therapy physiotherapy uses specific targeted movements to improve the way your body functions.

Exercise Therapy: A Part Of Every Session

It isn’t just athletes receiving physiotherapy for injuries that are prescribed exercise therapy as part of their treatment program. Exercise therapy is an important part of the management of all musculoskeletal conditions and at our Clinic..