Foot Pain


We at Sterling Physio clinic deal with patients complaining of painful feet requiring foot pain physiotherapy.

There are many underlying reasons of foot pain.

  • plantar fasciitis
  • hallux valgus (bunions)
  • hallux rigidus (arthritis of the 1st MTP/big toe joint)
  • stress fracture
  • bruised fat pad
  • insertional Achilles tendinopathy
  • cuboid syndrome
  • Morton’s neuroma.

Managing Foot Pain

Physiotherapists understand the importance of appropriate footwear. Whatever the activity, protecting and supporting your foot during exercise and all activities of daily living goes a long way in helping prevent and manage foot pain. Physiotherapists at sterling are trained in assessing, diagnosing and managing foot pain . The treatment may include footwear and activity guidance, orthotic prescription, exercise prescription, taping techniques and manual therapy techniques. Treatment provided will often focus on protecting against further injury, encouraging and facilitating correct positioning and biomechanics, improving joint and tissue mobility as well as strength. Don’t be one of the 9.4%, get your foot assessed sooner rather than later. Early diagnosis and management can significantly reduce the length and severity of disability as a result of foot pain.