Mckenzie Method


The McKenzie physiotherapy method is often referred to as MDT or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy. MDT originally launched by physiotherapist Robin McKenzie is a system encompassing assessment, diagnosis and treatment for both spinal and peripheral complaints. The McKenzie physiotherapy method is a comprehensive method of care developed in the late 1950s which has been continually developed over the years and is now taught worldwide.

McKenzie Physiotherapy Is Not Just A Set Of Exercises

McKenzie physiotherapy method is not simply a set of exercises as many medical professionals uneducated in MDT may suggest. Correct assessment or mechanical diagnosis and the identification of a directional preference if any through mechanical means is the hallmark of the McKenzie physiotherapy method and is the key to prescribing effective exercises and advice for any complaint.

McKenzie Physiotherapy Emphasizes Self Management Strategies

MDT uses primarily self treatment and self management strategies using manual techniques only where indicated. Empowering patients with control, knowledge and responsibility over their complaint. combining with any necessary manual approach sees the McKenzie physiotherapy method fall nicely at our Clinic approach to injury, movement and pain management.