Migraines And Headache


Headaches and migraines can be a debilitation condition .With persistent headaches taking painkillers to relieve is only a temporary strategy of headache management. Headaches can result due to a variety of reasons for example stress, poor posture, accidents, medications, dietary irregularities… Using painkillers is just a band aid approach.

Cervical Headache Presentation

Cervical headaches are typically described as a constant, a steady, dull ache. They can be unilateral or effect both sides. Some patients will describe the headache as a pulling or gripping feeling, or like a tight band around the head. More commonly the headache is felt at the base of the skull and can refer to the front of the head, to the temple area or over and behind the eyes.

The onset is typically gradual and may slowly get worse over time, being present for days, weeks even months and sometimes there may be a history of an trauma such as whiplash type injury or repetitive trauma associated with work or sport.

Headache Management Physiotherapy Better Than Pain Killers

You don’t need to be consistently resorting to painkillers for your headaches, at Sterling Clinic we take a detailed history and carefully assess for potential headache triggers to determine the cause of your headache. Addressing any musculoskeletal dysfunction in your neck, upper back and shoulders. Physiotherapists can help relieve Using further preventative measures including postural, sleeping and ergonomic advice as well as any necessary targeted exercises. our aim is to keep you both headache and painkiller free.