Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy –Removing complications

Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy –Removing complications

Technology has definitely affected our lives but for worst as we are becoming inactive sitting for hours before TV,laptop and mobile screens.Lack of daily exercise and intake of fast food is affecting the people’s health.Most people ignore the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle till they start facing body problems. Our sedentary lifestyle attracts lots of problems and Cardio respiratory disorders that can pose a big problem for all overall body.

Some common Cardio Respiratory problems are—

  • • Bronchitis
  • • Asthma
  • • Heart attack
  • • Hypertension
  • • Many types of Respiratory infections like pneumonia
  • • Congestive cardiac failure
  • • Lung diseases
  • • Peripheral vascular disease

Understanding What is Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy?

It is an area of specialisation in physiotherapy that treats the above said problems concerned with heart and lungs. Common symptoms of cardio Respiratory problems are continuous coughing, problem in breathing and reduction in physical capabilities of body. This problem when created in body can restrict a person’s activities causing many types of postural and biomechanical problems. All these issues aggravate the problems of breathing.

Cardio respiratory physiotherapy is dealt by Cardio respiratory physiotherapist who works in clinics,hospitals Rehabilitation centres, community service and private practice. These physiotherapist are expert in handling issues of heart, lungs problems and its rehabilitation,doing home based rehabilitation and doing research work in this fields. Though these physiotherapist works in team of specialists and their main task is to improve life quality of patient, helping after major surgeries, suggesting relevant exercises to enhance the fitness and strength of body. They also educate people how to change their lifestyle for a fit life.

Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy is now an important part of physiotherapy and is playing crucial role in avoiding many other body complications. This Physiotherapic treatment is suggested to patients recovering from any type surgery of heart, lung or any serious cardio respiratory problems. But in other unrelated surgeries like an orthopaedic or abdominal surgery doctor normally recommends this therapy for rehabilitation purpose.

Based on the age and condition of patient cardio respiratory physiotherapy can include—

    • Deep breathing exercisesfor healthy lungs or healing to take place after such surgery.
    • To enhance the capabilities of lungs hands on technique and various breathing excercises.
    • To help a patient in easier coughing and to manage the breadth shortness by suggesting him/her coughing and breathing strategies.
    • Also suggesting breathing and circulation excercises to avoid respiratory and vascular complications like chest infections and deep vein thrombosis.
    • Guiding apatient tomove, sit, stand and walk providing every types of mobility assistance.
    • Suggesting the patient aids or help for a mobility aid like walking aids if required.
    • Suggesting patients various exercises for better breathing,enhance muscle strength and improving the health plus wellness of patient.
    • Designing a fitness strategy for patient to move in a better way and remain fit.
    • Educating patient how to control the breathing with the help of breathing excercises.

Benefits of Cardio respiratory physiotherapy—

This types of physiotherapy is gaining popularity as the patients with heart and respiration problems are increasing it helps people in many ways

  1. It helps people to maintain a healthy heart even those who are having heart problems. Various excercises are recommended as the patient’s condition to keep heartfit that ultimately keeps body healthy.
  2. This type of Physiotherapic benefits a lot to keep lung infections way with the help of many deep breathing excercises. Various breathing excercises done daily strengthen the lungs.
  3. Cardio respiratory physiotherapy benefit people having high blood pressure as it helps lower blood pressure levels.
  4. Other important usefulness is that it improves the blood circulation level and this thing keeps our all body systems healthy.
  5. Patients after this physiotherapy has better muscle power and a fit body that improves the movements of body
  6. With the help of expert cardio respiratory physiotherapist patient can learn how to do recommended excercises in a perfect way to get the optimal results.

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