Physiotherapy —Improving Posture for Body Health

Physiotherapy —Improving Posture for Body Health

Our body posture does not only makes you look physically good but to some extent,it effects a person’s health, many times when a person is facing varied joints and muscular problem, one of the cause can be bad posture. Due to advancement in technology our sedentary lifestyle poses a postural problem for us as now a day’s people prefer to sit. Children and adults today move less avoid exercise on day to day basis, prefer to eat fast food, the result is we spoil our posture. Majority of people today need a good expert help to get their posture corrected.

People no doubt are aware of their bad posture but how it affects the body fitness, most of them are not aware. It is time to realize the importance of posture for our general body health, but bad posture can be improved gradually with consistent efforts.

Most people would ask the question as to what is Posture?
Posture is the position in which body subconsciously holds a position while sitting or standing. It is way our muscles and skeleton hold our body erect. We can say simply it is our body’s position in response to the gravity.
Our body posture is influenced by2 main factors—genes inherited from ancestors and way one uses its body. One important thing is that a person cannot do much about the inherited genes but yes we have full control over the second factor. We can definitely take care of our body posture while we are sitting, doing work before laptop screens,standing while we doing tasks or sleeping.
Postural problems—
Most people today donot realise the problem posture can pose to our body, it can affect our health to a great extent. One can face back pain, neck pain, spine misbalances, rounded shoulders, pot belly etc.Bad posture can become a habit that can affect our breathing system, muscle functioning and movement issues. All these posture issues cause number of body aches and pain plus other health issues. We have to understand that our body is asymmetrical naturally means various systems like vestibular, musculoskeltal and nervous are situated in different body sides. That truly means our body positioning puts strain on the joints, systems and muscles.

Importance of correct posture—
When we are facing variety of health problems then it is time for us to think about adopting a correct posture. Changing our habits of sitting, standing and sleeping one can certainly improve our many of body functions like breathing, blood circulation, digestion system,production of hormones and even strengthening our immune system.Dr. Roger Sperry noble prize winner views that each and every inch of our head kept in forward position puts pressure on the spine 90% of the nutrients to our brain is sent by our spine,this fact clearly underlines the importance of correct posture.

Taking physiotherapy help—
Physiotherapy today has evolved well and its scope is increasing, there is so much of expertise now in physiotherapy field.Most expert lay much stress on fact that behind every problem generated in body incorrect posture is one crucial cause. Taking physiotherapy helps as many times main cause behind our health issues is ignorance of correct posture. To correct the posture one has to make changes in our lifestyle and physiotherapy help. Physiotherapist are expert enough to judge the posture problems and ways to correct them.Most physiotherapist have posture analysis program to detect the problems in postures and then devise a posture correction program.

Tips to correct posture—we can follow the few tips to correct our posture
• Do some regular exercises as suggested by physiotherapist to build strong muscles as well as spine. A person can also do yoga for strengthening muscular and other system.
• Keeping head ahead of shoulder is a sign of bad posture and it puts pressure on spine. Take help of expert physiotherapist to maintain head position in alignment with your shoulder as well as spine it does not happen overnight, but gradual practice will surely correct your head posture.
• One should avoid the slouching of shoulders as it is sign of bad posture and generates number of problems in our body,pull your shoulders back to keep them in one straight line to give them a relief.
• While standing make sure your feet are wide apart and equal weight is born by them otherwise standing with more weight on foot creates muscular imbalances.
• Your shoulder, ear lobes and hips must be in straight line that is a good posture as it reduces strain on your spine.
• While sitting make sure that you must keep your spine in one line and avoid taking chair support as it spoils the shape of spine that gradually gets you in trouble.

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