Physiotherapy Rehabilitation –A Ray of Hope for Stroke Patients

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation –A Ray of Hope for Stroke Patients

Stroke can occur at any age young or old it is also called Brain attack and its cause is when the Blood supply to Brain is short or even cut off. Due to this cells of brain are unable to get oxygen and nutrients it needs to survive so they die. If its symptoms are not detected soon as it happens it can cause irreversible brain damage or even patient can die.

Stroke is undoubtly main cause of disability in adults and old people affecting number of people every year. As the name indicates no person is ever prepare for stroke as it is always sudden. Stroke patients and their families struggle hard to find a workable solution with lots of patience. Timely medical help and Rehabilitation process can help in good recovery in stroke patients. But it is also the will power of patient and their families that prove miraculous results.

Symptoms of stroke— Normal symptoms of Stroke are
• Feeling of numbness in the areas of face, arm, leg particularly on one side.
• Problem in vision in one or both eyes like falling of a curtain.
• Person feels problem while talking or even understanding what others say.
• Much severe headaches without any causes.
• Person feels loss of balance in body so walk gets unstable.

Stroke rehabilitation —
Stroke Rehabilitation plays an important part in patient’s recovery and main aim is always to help patient become self independent. Early rehabilitation process increases patients chance to return to normalcy but it also depends on how severe the stroke is. Data clearly indicates that patients who choose to have rehabilitation after a stroke get better results than people who refuse this process.

There are many types of activities involved in Stroke patients—
• Improving Motor skills — This exercises are suggested with a motive to strengthen the strength and coordination of muscles. It can also be done to help patient improves swallowing of food in a better way.
• Movement training exercises—Patients is helped to learn to walk by using walker, wheel chair, cane.Expert can suggest patient to wear ankle braces for the purpose of stabilising and strengthening it. This thing can help patient learn to walk giving a support to weight of body.
• Forced used therapy—In this patient is asked to use his/her affected limb to increase its movements so called forced used therapy.
• Improving range of movements—Physiotherapist will help patient do relevant exercises to reduce purpose to reduce stiffness and tension in muscles to improve movements in many body parts.
• Functional electrical stimulation—In this therapy controlled electricity is applied to weak body muscles to produce a contraction effect for enhanced movements.
• Using Robotics devices—New technological innovations has allowed experts to use Robotics devices to perform repetitive movements in impaired body parts. It helps body parts to increase the strength aiding in better movements.
• Using wireless technology—This is used to supervise and increase the activity of patient after stroke for good recovery.
• Today physiotherapist can use various types of computer based therapies and video games to increase the healing process.
• Cognitive therapy—Therapies to improve the lost cognitive skills like improving speech,memory recalling,focusing, hand eye coordination,selective, divided and sustained attention.
• Improving communication skills—Patient is given this therapy to improve speaking, listening and writing skills.
• Emotional counselling—Patient’s emotional skills are tested and he/she can be asked to participate in counselling support group to achieve positive results.
• Patient can be recommended to take medicines like antidepressants and movement aiding medications.
• Physiotherapist today also use transcranial magnetic stimulation methods effectively to enhance motor skills.
• Alternate therapies like soft message, acupressure, acupuncture, herbal therapy and even oxygen therapy can be used to produce better healing in body.

Stroke rehabilitation team—
A normal stroke rehabilitation team has following specialists
• Physicians and neurologists.
• Trained Rehabilitation nursing staff.
• Expert physiotherapist.
• Occupational therapists.
• Speech therapist.
• Social workers to help arrange funds.
• Psychologists for mental and emotional health.
• Recreation therapist to help patient with hobbies he/she enjoys.
• Vocational counsellors to address vocation related problems.

Recovery after stroke no doubt takes times and it can be a very long as well as very limiting experience. It require not only trained experts but also patients self will power that produces the desired results.Research data shows that rehabilitation process started within weeks or months can result in speedy recovery after stroke.

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