Post Op Rehabilitation


We understand that surgery and the need for post op rehabilitation physiotherapy isn’t typically first option of a person. However when it comes to managing a complaint, sometimes surgery is the best option. Be it arthroscopy, joint replacement, joint reconstruction, ACL reconstruction, stabilization surgery, tendon repairs, internal fixation following fractures, other bone surgery, or spinal surgery… We at Sterling cater to all post op options.

Close Consultation With Specialists

Rest assured that we are frequently in close consultation with specialists regarding their patients progress, so should a situation arise where things aren’t progressing exactly to plan following surgery for whatever reason we are proactive to it.

Skilled Guidance

Sterling Physio Clinic guides you from stage one with your acute post op rehabilitation and proceeds towards developing exercise programs. These programs are to ensure strength, range of movement and postural control. Following you all the way through to the final stage where the inclusion of any necessary sports, work or lifestyle specific post op rehabilitation exercises and training ensure a complete recovery for return to play, work and beyond.