Preventing Shoulder Pain and Injury

Preventing Shoulder Pain and Injury

Shoulder joint is the most versatile and moved joint in our body, due to many causes it can get hurt resulting in the restricted movements with mild to severe pain .our shoulder joint moves our shoulder in varied directions like forward,backward,circular motion and moving away from body. This joint can get injured while playing different sports, wear and tear with age, doing excessive manual labour, cervical, heart, and liver and gall bladder problems.

Common cause of shoulder pain and injury is the inflammation in tendon of rotator cuff which helps in circular movements. Other reason can be problem in subacromial bursa which is a sac of fluid under the highest part of shoulder. Shoulder can be broadly categorised into three categories—

> Repetitive injuries—These injuries occur due to overuse and repeated use of shoulder joint. Though these injuries are not serious but if not treated in time can become severe .these injuries are more common in players.

> Traumatic injuries—These type of injuries can be due to the tear,strain to the shoulder joint and very rare. When they occur result is very severe pain, it restrains the shoulder movement.

> Chronic injuries—Chronic injuries are repetitive one and unhealed one,though they are painful but person can do his/her tasks.
Shoulder pain can happen due to problems in Rotator cuff,Frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis and neck pains.

Improving and avoiding shoulder pain—
It takes time for shoulder pain and injuries to heal but the best thing is to take the guidance of an expert doctor or physiotherapist. Help taken at the initial stages of pain is always beneficial as the healing is fast. Many times even after pain vanishes people complain of weakness in shoulder, so continuing excercises to strengthen the shoulder joint is necessary.Patient should discuss feeling of weakness in shoulder with expert doctor or physiotherapist so that an accurate treatment program can be customized.

Excercises for the imbalanced shoulder joint—
Most experts agree shoulder problem are their due to the musculoskeletal imbalances in the joint itself.There are many exercises that can correct the problems in shoulder

1. Using foam roller below the thoracic spine— In this exercise person is asked to keep a form roller below the part of thoracic spine and hands are kept behind the head. Now knees are bend and pelvic area is lifted from the floor. Person now rolls up and down giving a relief to the thoracic area, spine and shoulders by rejuvenating the muscles in these area.

2. Using tennis ball beside the shoulder blades— In this exercise, person lies down with head on pillow with bent knees.Now the tennis ball is placed on shoulder point with arm pulled on chest, one has to hold the ball on the paining spot .this excercises massages the muscles and relaxes them so that strengthening excercises can be conveniently done.

3. Using Thera cane hooks on neck back and putting pressure on the its handles first downwards and then outwards can stretch and strengthen the muscles around neck area, shoulder blades and shoulders.

4. Person can lie down with face in down position with arms fully stretched and palms down. Now the tennis ball is kept in the front of shoulder and chest tp press the ball for 30 seconds. This exercise is highly beneficial as it soothes the muscle on the front of shoulder as it enhances the outward shoulder movement. After this person can start stretching and strengthening excercises.

5. One do why stretches to strengthen the front and outer shoulder muscles as well as aligning the shoulder with shoulder girdle.
6. To increase the flexibility of biceps muscles specially brachii to allow the shoulder blades to draw back enhancing the movement of glenohumeral joint is doing Biceps stretches excercises.

There are many more excercises that can not only reduce pain and inflammation but helps in strengthening the shoulder joint. Maintaining regular exercise routine is mandatory but should be only as per the recommendation of physiotherapist. Doing excercises in a wrong way or overdoing then can hurt the tendons, muscles and joint of shoulder putting you in more problematic position.

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