Sports Physiotherapy


At Sterling our motto is to treat and rehabilitate sports professionals post injury or surgery. We also help them to prevent further injury by improving the strength, flexibility and endurance. We work with the patient with an aim to return them to sport safely in the shortest possible time.
Sports physiotherapy involves prevention , evaluation of an injury and any necessary protection of the injured tissue to aid recovery. This process is followed with appropriately timed work to improve flexibility, strength, postural control , muscle-imbalance. A sports physiotherapist always aims to enhance an athletes performance, aid recovery from injuries, providing advice, education and a regimen to prevent further injury.

An Understanding Of Sports Requirements:

Our goal in sports physiotherapy is for a sports Person to return to play as quickly and safely as possibly . Our success is seen once they achieve their pre-injury level and improve on athletics pre-injury performance. Sport physiotherapy requires skilled methodology of evaluating the level of injury and rehabilitation skills .We understand the requirements of the sport and bio mechanics involved which leads to prevention of future injury and performance enhancement is realised.

Sports Physiotherapy for Professionals

We are committed towards management of injuries resulting from participation in sports and exercise regardless of the athletes ability. Our aim is getting a sports professional back on the field.
At Sterling Clinic we see sports physiotherapy as a team approach. We work closely with a Sports Physicians, Orthopedic Surgeons or trainers to enhance the rehabilitation process. Our love of sport combined with our experience and interest in functional biomechanics has been our success point till date.