Tips to Avoid Back Pain for Working Professionals

Tips to Avoid Back Pain for Working Professionals

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Majority of people young, mature and old experience low back pain, it can be mild or severe for short time or persisting for long time. But one thing is sure low back pain whenever it happens it makes life difficult for most people. It can create problem for housewives, but the working professionals are the worst hit. The reasons are very obvious sitting with poor posture for hours can start problem of low back pain.

Causes of Low Back Pain
There are many causes of low back pain lifting heavy things in a wrong way and degeneration with age. Main causes are:
• Too much use of muscles and ligaments of spine.
• Any type of injury to disc that are the shock absorber of spinal cord.
• With the age, degeneration process starts that can lead to shrunken disc.
• Changes in the spinal cord especially when a vertebrae changes its position slightly.
• Spinal stenosis that is the narrow down process of the space around the spine this thing puts stress on nerves.
• Bad postural habits while sitting, standing or sleeping.
• Poor dietary habits, eating lot of fast food and taking aerated drinks.

Research data states 80% of professionals have experience low back pain at some time in their lives. 50% of professional of any age they have back pain problem whole year through. Main cause of back pain in professional people is sitting for long hours in the comfort of their chair that puts pressure on the low back, the result is taking muscles and problem in spinal disc.

Tips to avoid low back pain

Here are some tips that one can use to avoid the instances of low back pain, adopting a good posture while sitting and adopting many safety measures can help:
> Nowadays ergonomics chair are available in the market that should be used in the offices.
> Height of office chair should be adjustable means the user sitting on the chair can put his/her feet on the floor with thighs in horizontal position and spine in perfect alignment.
> Seat of the chair should be user friendly means its width and depth should give accurate support to the body.
> Sitting on a chair that should provide total support to the lumber spine since it is slightly curved, so when we sit with our neck slouching forward it can create stress on the lumber spine.
> Ergonomic chair should have a comfortable back rest it should support the curves of our spinal cord.
> Avoid smoking as it reduces the blood flow to spine.
> Eat healthy food, check your weight and taking sufficient calcium and vitamin D makes bone strong.
> While lifting heavy objects from the ground bend your knees but not your back as the thigh and leg muscles are much stronger than the lower back muscles.
> Change your position particularly if doing a desk job to give a rest to spine.
> Avoiding neck slouching while sitting in the office as this habit puts lot of strain not only on lower back but also on lumber vertebras.

> If pain still persists initially taking pain killer and medicines can help but in case of a severe pain take help of physiotherapist or chiropractic professionals to manage pain and also avoid the reoccurrence of such pain frequently.

Main treatment in physiotherapy can include eyes and heat therapy, soft hand massage, ultrasound and electric stimulation, stretching and strengthening exercises for the spinal muscles and spinal manipulation.
A working professional suffering from low back pain should not do any exercises or activities that are unsafe for him/her. Taking help of an expert physiotherapist in the initial stages of pain is always beneficial as prevention is better than cure.

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